As part of a 15 year tradition, The Woman’s Civic League held a luncheon on May 4th at the Womans City Club to honor one 8th grad girl from each of the Pasadena Unified School District middle schools. The honorees were girls who have overcome significant obstacles and become successful students and leaders. It is one of the most inspiring luncheons on the WCL calendar.
WCL Education and Youth Chairwomen, Rita Sahlein and Maria Cararnakis introduced each girl along with their sponsors and presented certificates and flowers to these deserving girls from Blair Middle School, Elliott Middle School, John Marshall Fundamental School, McKinley Middle School, Sierra Madre Middle School, Washington Middle School and Wilson Middle School. 
Charming and colorful centerpieces created for each of the girls on each luncheon table included a $100 gift card from Target, a $50.00 gift card from Paco’s Restaurant in Arcadia, along with an assortment of hair clips and hair ribbons, lotions, pens and writing booklets, and an adorable stuffed animal.
Seeing the girls filled with enthusiasm for life and with specific goals for their future was most rewarding for WCL members in attendance.